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The IT and software industry are very crowded markets with new software products, services, applications, innovations and updates that are introduced into the market every second in many countries around the world.

Every day more and more companies are entering the market and developing local versions of IT products and software to gain competitive advantage, inspiring many business models in this sector. Conscious consumers have a multitude of options and low product loyalty, hence demand a software experience they understand in terms of language and culture. The local preferences and trends effect the use of a software product in different countries.

At the heart of excellent software localization and software translation services are fast-acting and similar to the general development approach, the ability to quickly develop local versions. At Translate in Istanbul, speed is the essence of specialized translation services we provide. We are aware that each part of the content is an integral part of your IT and software product group, consisting of websites, user interfaces, technical support, assistance, FAQs and marketing materials, and that accurate translation in more than 100 languages is required to reach all of the target markets.