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Notary Certified Translation

It is the translation service requiring legal responsibility, for such documents as Identification card copies, Birth certificate, Passport, Marriage certificate, Divorce papers, Court decision, Will, Academic degree, Diploma and Transcript, Adoption certificate, certificate of naturalization, Immigrant identity card and similar documents; translated by expert and notary certified translators.

You need to present the original of the document you want to have notarized. The notarization fee is determined by the notary, and payment follows upon receipt in your name. Notarization may only be conducted at the notary where the sworn translator signed a certificate of oath. Your translation cannot be certified by any random notary.

Sworn Translation

Sworn translation is a translated, signed and sealed translation service from the source language into the target language in accordance with the original text, conducted by the sworn translator.
It is particularly requested for Official documents, Diplomas, Transcripts, Deed of consent, Court decisions, Signature circulars, Signature declarations, Criminal records, Census records or company documents such as Contracts, Tax certificates, and Trade registry gazette.