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Proofreading is the process by which a specialized expert of the field passes through a translation sentence by sentence and checks whether the translation reflects what is meant in the original language, and corrects it where necessary. It is the stage where the final touches are made to make the translation more understandable.
Our Proofreaders;
1.First, they review the text to get the content and essence of the text you have sent.
2.They make necessary corrections with respect to writing rules, grammar mistakes, punctuation marks, or any other shortcoming
3.They ensure that any text is written in a consistent style and in an appropriate technical terminology such as the one you are reading
4.They control whether the text has the correct meaning
5.They ensure that the terminology used is consistent throughout the text.
6.They make sure that any of the terms used can address the target group in a local region
7.They evaluate whether any numeric value, image or feature is consistent
8.They check the layout of the text. For example they check; Layout of the text, Paragraph arrangement, Character size, Correct font style, Correct spelling.
9.They ensure that the bold, italic, underlined, uppercase and lowercase expressions of the text are written in accordance with the original.