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About Us

Translate in Istanbul, which has been working with customer satisfaction principles since 2011, provides translation and interpreting services in all languages of the world with more than 500 sworn translators; is a professional translation and localization company with strong references.

The company provides translation services in a wide range of areas including mainly Law, Medical, Automotive, Software, IT, Technical, Banking and Finance, Telecommunication and Marketing.

Our basic principles include respect for our work, thoroughness in our projects, providing service to our customers in the best possible way, and high quality with a low cost.

Without leaving any question marks on translation services and keeping special solutions in its body, Translate in Istanbul continues to keep shedding light on the future of the industry with innovative solutions it has developed.

Why Translate in Istanbul?

We work with translators who are native speakers either of the source or of the target language if not of both languages.
In addition to at least 5 years experience in technical translation, we also prefer translators with linguistic qualifications.
We work with translators who are experts in the subject fields.
We remain committed to limited delivery times without sacrificing quality.

We deliver your translated document in its original format.
From Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software, to the latest desktop publishing solutions available in the world, we benefit from the advanced technologies in the industry.
We apply our 4-step Quality Control process which enables us to prepare 100% accurate translations.

What did we do?









Project Management

  • The project manager obtains detailed information about the job by communicating with the customer prior to the commencement of the translation process.
  • When the files are received, the relevant Project Manager reviews and resolves specific terminology, style and draft requirements along with contextual details.
  • A new translation memory is generated for the customer, using certain quality control tools to provide the best level of consistency and accuracy between the current translation project and possible ones in the future.
  • Expert translators are assigned for the project. They are fully informed about the project details and the customer expectations. All instructions are sent along with the file to be translated.
  • When completed, the translations are sent to a second linguist to double check. The editor, who is a separate language expert, checks the accuracy of the document with respect to grammar, punctuation, writing, terminology, incomplete words and consistency. S/he applies the changes and reports the identified errors.
  • The document is returned to the initial translator along with the editor’s report. Comments are taken into consideration.
  • The formats of the documents are set to conform to the text standards. Required page layout changes are applied.
  • After the layout is completed, final check is applied. Character integrity and typesetting are of particular importance. The documents are delivered in the format they are requested.

4-Stage Control Test After Translation

  • Control 1
  • Control 2
  • Control 3
  • Control 4

A separate language expert checks the document with respect to accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, terminology, and consistency of terminology. S/he applies the changes and reports the identified errors.

The document is transmitted back to the initial translator along with the correction report. The comments of the controlling translator are taken into consideration. At this point, the target group and stylistic issues are discussed if necessary.

The document is sent back to the editor and the numeric values, tables, graphics, characters, and page layout are checked again in addition to the above aspects. The necessary corrections are noted onto a printed copy of the document, changes are applied and the document is returned after being designed by our technical team.

The person reporting the errors reviews the applied changes and submits the final version of the files to the project manager to be delivered to the customer.


Customer Testimonials


“We are pleased to do business with your company, we have been working for many years; because of the interest you show, the value you attribute to the customers, and the trouble-free translations you provide us with. We would like to let you know that we will be pleased to work with you for many years due to these pleasant reasons.”


“We would like to thank all of you again for the fast solution-oriented translations as of the day we started collaborating, and we also would like to express our gratitude for the delivery of the translated documents in the shortest time possible.”


“We are very pleased with the work of Translate in Istanbul with whom we have been collaborating on translations, because of their fast responsiveness, close follow-up of the processes, and the sensitivity to deliver fast and in time.”


“We have been cooperating for over two years. We have received all of our translations on time. Our e-mails are replied swiftly and they treat their business seriously.”


“With their systematic and methodical workflow, Translate in Istanbul team supports us in our translation needs with their solution-oriented approaches. They meet our demands in time with their wide network in different languages. They are very successful especially in customer services.”


“After trying many translation agencies for so many years and experiencing a lot of material and emotional bad experiences, I am glad I met Translate in Istanbul. We thank them very much for the great work they have done with their super-team who has meticulously worked and translated documents we needed very fast due to our sector, and our technical terms that needed to be translated precisely; and many thanks for their fast responses to our e-mails and requests. I would like everyone to experience working with your company that I always recommend with a heartfelt comfort.”


“We have been co-operating with Translate in Istanbul for quite a long time now and we have accomplished at least 50 projects from Italian and English into Turkish. We are very satisfied about this co-operation and we are absolutely willing to work with them again. “


“Even in such a complicated area as in vitro diagnostics, which entails major technical terms, we are extremely confident when collaborating with this team who have demonstrated many times that time-limited translation projects could not only be delivered in a very fast and timely manner as promised but could also be of high quality unlike our previous experiences.”


“We’ve been cooperating with Translate in Istanbul for approx. 10 years now and over the years they became our most trusted and dedicated partner when it comes to Turkish translations. Always professional service, always punctual, always an understanding team at hand trying to help. It’s a pleasure to work with them!”

Linguist Testimonials

Boğaziçi University, Department of English Language and Literature graduate translator supporting us in the translation of Banking and Finance Documents:

“I have been working with Translate in Istanbul since 2014. The comfort of working with a corporate company is unique. The way the project is assigned, the transfer of information and the never-lagging payments are the factors that significantly facilitate the work of a translator. But most importantly, the team. Serious and highly qualified people with a high sense of responsibility, yet so cordial. Many thanks to Translate in Istanbul and the team. I hope our cooperation will continue for many more years to come.’’

Istanbul University, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences graduate translator supporting us in the translation of Academic Papers and Technical Documents:

“I have been working with Translate in Istanbul for a long time. At the same time, I am also an academician. As a translator with 25+ years of experience, having carried out translations for companies and organizations such as UN, TUBITAK, Coca Cola and Mastercard, I find Translate in Istanbul and its work principles very professional and globally competitive. As an academician who collaborates with companies abroad, I strongly recommend Translate in Istanbul for everyone, even for the most difficult projects.”

Graphic designer supporting us through desktop publishing (DTP):

“In my opinion, Translate in Istanbul family is the best, top-quality and fastest translation company to work with, both institutionally and individually, I am very pleased to work with.

I am honoured and proud to be working with such a company never compromising quality, having principles and responding accurately and in the fastest way possible, that I consider as family.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues I work with and all employees and those who contributed, who I believe will always take the company further. I wish your success to grow apace.“

Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematical Engineering graduate translator supporting us in the translation of technical documents:

“I have been working with Translate in Istanbul for many years. A reliable company where you receive recompense for your work on time. With their experienced team, our workflow progresses smoothly and I have the opportunity to take part in suitable projects in line with my expertise.”

Middle East Technical University, Department of Social Sciences graduate translator  supporting us in the translation of Tender Documents:

“Based on my 30+ years of experience in the sector, I believe that Translate in Istanbul consists of a reliable dynamic team, keeping their word and working meticulously. It is one of the very few solution-oriented translation companies possessing these qualities. I wish the continuation of their success in their business life.”

Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Public Administration graduated translator supporting us in Localization projects:

“A team very pleasant to work with and who never compromises when it comes to quality. I can guarantee that you won’t have problems with payments and pricing. If you have any problems, however, you can be confident that they will do their best to help you; do not miss the chance to work with such a professional and knowledgeable team or to get services from them.“

Boğaziçi University, Department of English Language and Literature graduate translator supporting us in the translation of Medical Documents:

“I have been working regularly for over two years. I appreciate Translate in Istanbul very much in terms of work discipline, business ethics and precision in their work. The punctuality and carefulness with the payments clearly reveal how they value their translators. They can easily be the first address for those looking for quality and reliability.”

Ankara University, Department of Italian Language and Literature graduate translator supporting us in the translation of Automotive related Documents:

”Translate in Istanbul is a modern translation agency open to technology and innovations, always keeping  100% customer satisfaction as one of the basic conditions of Quality, and maintaining its solution partnership with full professionalism.  High quality, accurate and timely delivered works have made Translate in Istanbul a reliable partner and a solid reference. It is a privilege to be a member of Translate in Istanbul, an extremely competent interface for managing customer/translator relationships; and it is very enjoyable to work with such an agency.”